2023 Festival Audience and Artist Responses

Absolutely love the content and organisation of these extremely fine concerts. There are no words to describe the atmosphere which includes fun, passion, emotional intelligence, beauty and much more – all in an area poor with such opportunities.

The festival is always a joyous event. The musicians play with a freshness and vitality that communicates equally their delight in the music, in each other, the setting, and the occasion. That performers of international renown arrive to play in a remote corner of Shropshire on the North Wales border feels little short of a miracle. It is a cultural gem. Long may it continue.

It was the most wonderful, life-enhancing weekend of concerts, as evidenced by the standing ovation for Roderick Williams on Saturday night. And the choice and variety of repertoire and performers (from promising children to seasoned professionals) was inspired. And the gleeful,
brilliant performances at the White Lion after Friday night’s concert should be available on the NHS! What a lift for the spirits.

It has been a privilege to be at this year’s festival. Such a varied programme performed by dedicated and friendly musicians.

This was our first occasion at the Whittington Music Festival drawn especially by Roderick Williams’ performance. We were impressed by the ambition of the programme of music included in the Sunday afternoon concert with its mixture of well-known pieces and lesser-known (works). This seemed to be a very ambitious programme which clearly attracted a discerning and loyal audience. It compared very favourably with concerts we have attended at the Buxton International Festival with much shorter and less ambitious programmes. Sophia Rahman’s piano playing was also extremely enjoyable, supported by so many first-rate string musicians.

As musician and teacher was very pleased to see children from local schools attending and participating. Super range of music excellently performed.

Being a part of the Whittington festival this year has been one of the most profoundly valuable experiences of my musical career. Even within the week of the festival itself – I experienced substantial improvements in my level of music making, which was also commented on by colleagues as well as audience members.  I would attribute this to the completely incredible atmosphere created by Sophia Rahman, the care, thought, attention that went into creating not only a brilliant festival but an educational environment conducive to the highest possible quality of learning.