Covid 19


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  1. Preparation before Concerts


 Area of focus

 Mitigation to reduce risk

What changes could be made in each scenario to reduce the spread of Covid-19


Action Plan

What needs to be done and by whom?


Attendees bring Covid into venue

Attendees asked not to attend if they have symptoms or have been in contact with someone with symptoms in last 7 days


Attendees advised that it is mandatory to wear approved face coverings throughout event unless they have a medical exemption


Clear information given before the event explaining measures and processes, and the reasons for them



WMF team to:


1. Give details of Covid precautions in emails


2. Give details when tickets are booked


3. Put details of Covid precautions and copy of risk assessment document on website


Ticket sales

Audience number strictly limited to ensure social distancing


Reservations made in advance and pre-paid


Attendance by ticket booked in advance only


Contact details collected for test and trace:

Name, email or conventional address or phone number


WMF team to:


1. Decide on number of seats and organise seating plan with options to book only single or paired seats


2. Tickets booked only via Little Box Office or by phone


3. Little Box Office system automatically sets up 1.5m gaps on either side of a single or pair of seats


4. Obtain contact details for all attendees when tickets booked and confirmed on arrival


Interval & refreshments

No interval or refreshments for audience


No refreshments provided for musicians


WMF team to:


1. Advise audience of this in advance in emails and when tickets are booked


Advise Musicians of this in advance



Venue suitability

Holy Trinity Church (HT) has its own risk assessment for services


Vicar and his team to be shown our own risk assessment


Socially distanced seating


Church ventilated – doors +/- windows open


Clean all areas before event; the piano tuner will clean the keys after tuning


Hand sanitisers available at entrance and in WC area


WMF team have seen the HT risk assessment & have edited it and will show our version to HT team. Our document includes all the safety requirements in the HT document but omits items relevant to religious services e.g. communion


WMF risk assessment will be available to WMS stewards on website. They will be briefed and given a one-page list of their duties beforehand.


Prior to concert, HT team and/or WMF team will ensure maximum ventilation & clean all areas


WMF team to provide hand sanitisers for entrance and in WC area (if not already in place)




  1. Actions before admittance of audience to Concert

Area of focus


Mitigation to reduce risk

What changes could be made in each scenario to reduce the spread of Covid-19

Action Plan

What needs to be done and by whom?


Event management



Check stewards are available and are aware of their roles


Ensure that stewards are identifiable in case of questions


WMF team to:

Define roles of stewards in advance and organise briefing session


WMF stewards to wear



Entry to church



Ensure that there is no entry to Church by public other than supervised by stewards, including during period between entry of musicians & stewards and that of audience


The rear of the Church has been divided by a central barrier to ensure one-way system



WMF to advise in emails and when tickets are booked that this will happen


Have “No Entry” or similar sign on entrance doors other than the main one



Within Church



Check all information signs and seat numbering present in Church


Check hand sanitisers


Check gloves/cleaning materials available


Check toilets



WMF team to carry out these checks prior to concert



Pre-concert queue



Volunteers outside to manage queue



WMF team at door and entry to Church premises from pavement to explain and supervise the process, including advice to queue on opposite pavement if necessary


Related to musicians



Travelling with musicians by private car



We believe that all musicians will be arriving in their own cars so this is unlikely to happen


In the event that it does happen all occupants of the car will comply with any government advice in place at the time



Pre-concert interaction with musicians



WMF team to advise musicians of Covid measures before concert date



Items for musicians



Musicians to handle their own instruments & music stands


WMF stewards to have gloves and cleaning materials available



  1. Actions for admittance of audience and during concerts.

Area of focus Mitigation to reduce risk

What changes could be made in each scenario to reduce the spread of Covid-19

Action Plan

What needs to be done and by whom?

Personal behaviour



Risk of virus aerosols in air



Everyone must wear face covering when indoors (except for the musicians who are not required to wear a mask when performing but must do so the rest of the time)


Attendees reminded at door that they should not enter if they have symptoms or have been in contact with someone with symptoms in last 7 days


Signs at entrance & WC area to remind everyone of requirement for social distancing


Signs to remind audience not to mingle in groups


Contact details for test and trace checked. QR code available for NHS Test & Trace app users



WMF team to:


Inform Audience of requirement for wearing of masks in emails, on website and when tickets booked.  Spare masks will be available



WMF team have seen that HT team have appropriate signs in place




WMF team to check that those provided by HT team are in place





WMF to have record of registered contact details available for checking.

Produce QR code image if not already provided by HT team



Risk of virus on surfaces



Hand sanitiser provided at Church entrance and WC area


We will not be providing paper copies of  the programme and Chris Symons’ notes on the works. They will be posted on the website and people will be advised to print off a copy themselves if they wish


Volunteers to wear gloves when cleaning


Signs to advise cleaning of surfaces in WC area



HT team have sanitiser at Church entrance and in WC area. WMF team to ensure that they have reserve hand sanitiser if required


WMF team to put the programme and Chris Symons’ notes on the works on website with notice there and in emails that no hard copies will be provided at the Church


WMF team to have gloves for use when required


HT team have appropriate signs in WC area. WMF team to check that these are in place and, if not, provide their own



People not adhering to rules



Clear advice on safety requirements and obligations of audience provided on emails, website and when tickets are booked


Stewards to reinforce measures and procedures on entry and as required


People not adhering to rules asked to leave



WMF team to undertake






WMF stewards on hand and aware of measures


Stewards to do this (We need someone to be “senior enforcer”)



Entering venue



Clear queueing system so people know where to stand


Clear signs indicating seat rows and numbers. Remove all chairs except those which are to be used


Planned spacing of seats will allow  access for latecomers without disturbing those already seated




Little Box Office system will provide numbered seats. Maximum audience of 70 will reduce the risk of large numbers gathering outside the Church at the same time


WMF stewards at entrance to Church to supervise appropriate queuing


WMF stewards in Church to help guide audience to their seats

Moving through venue

Aerosols in air



Defined route to and from seats that allows for 2m social distancing


Ask audience to move through area without stopping


Central aisle 2m wide


Droplets on surface



Leave internal doors open wherever possible to reduce number of touch points


Wipe down any unavoidable touch points regularly



WMF team to wipe down touch points before concerts and as required subsequently

Seating area



Aerosols in air



WMF concert announcer to address audience at start of concert:


1. Emergency exits: at rear of Church through main Church doors and WC area and at front of Church through musicians’ area and vestry

2. To inform them that if they need to use the WC they should follow a one-way system, exiting the WC area to the Church grounds then re-entering through the main doors

3. To advise people to turn off mobile phones





Droplets on chairs



The chairs are without arms and have fabric seats





Aerosols in air


No interval to reduce need for toilets


Queueing system in place to control access


Signs in WC area and cubicles with advice on hand washing, use of paper towels, avoidance of hand dryers and cleaning surfaces



WMF steward to manage distanced access


Steward to explain need to exit to Church grounds and re-enter via main doors



Droplets on contact points



Doors left open where appropriate to reduce contact points


Soap and disposable towels and hand sanitiser available


Signs reminding people to wash hands



WMF team to:

Check HT signs are in place

Check adequate hand sanitiser, soap and disposable towels are available

Clean toilets and sanitise surfaces prior to concert and sanitise touch points / surfaces as required


Exit from venue

Aerosols in air


Exit through main Church doors. Ask people to leave in a socially distanced fashion and to go straight to exit without socialising



WMF concert announcer to give exit instructions: to leave the Church in orderly manner with people in rear seats leaving first and not to congregate within or outside the Church and to avoid impeding the progress of others




Droplets on surface contact points



Fix doors open where possible to reduce contact points


Contact points at exits wiped down periodically as required



WMF stewards to manage this



  1. After Concerts

Area of focus


Mitigation to reduce risk

What changes could be made in each scenario to reduce the spread of Covid-19

Action Plan

What needs to be done and by whom?

Prepare for following day’s concert Arrange chairs according to seating plan and check spacing. Check that all surfaces and touch points have been wiped down. Remove any litter or lost property WMF stewards

Contact tracing



Keep contact details for 21 days after concert then destroy in line with GDPR


WMF team member to manage this