David Shaw, Violin/viola

David Shaw is a musician and artist, currently based in London.

As well as frequently performing as a classical musician, David is a sound healing practitioner, songwriter and producer, creating multi-genred music under the stage name HŶDRAVOX (water voice).

They have been sharing their music in spiritual festivals across the UK, and last November were grateful to perform at the Tanweer sacred music festival in the UAE, alongside Chantress Seba. 

David is passionate about the visual arts and works as a painter, creating spiritually healing psychedelic artworks. As well as this, he is the creator of a photography project called Dryad Vision, which focuses on the magical nature of Trees.

Since 2019, David has been mentored by Sophia Rahman, who has helped to open their creative channel.

All of David’s projects can be found on their website : www.hydravox.net