Idris Rahman, Clarinet/saxophone

Idris Rahman is a London-based saxophonist, clarinettist, singer, bass player, composer and producer. He has co-led the band Soothsayers for over two decades. Soothsayers have played at most major UK festivals and have toured widely throughout Europe and beyond.

Rahman has performed and recorded with a whole range of artists as well as with his sister Zoe Rahman, with whom he has toured and recorded extensively.

Rahman is involved in a number of other jazz-centric projects as a performer/composer – Wildflower and Ill Considered have garnered a lot of attention since their beginnings in 2016/17.

As well as performing regularly, Rahman has a studio in South London where he has produced and mixed many albums, racking up a catalogue including two Mercury-nominated albums that he mixed. He has written and produced music for television and film, and is currently working on music for a feature film to be released in 2022.

Rahman studied music at Oxford University and has been a teacher and workshop leader for over twenty years, working in schools, colleges and universities. He is a co-founder of Brixton-based youth group Youthsayers, who have rehearsed and performed regularly since May 2016