Only six weeks to wait!

Nothing to fear!

Jeremy Sams is a celebrated composer for film and stage. Here’s what he says about his latest composition, People and Paintings, which will be premiered at Whittington on Saturday May 18th

 ‘This is a piece about Venice where I’m lucky enough to teach every year. It’s a gondola ride up a very small stretch of the Grand Canal. In our tiny tour we visit three locations. Firstly the Guggenheim Museum, where we marvel at a Magritte, then we pass the Palazzo Polignac, where Fauré and Reynaldo Hahn stayed and wrote Venetian songs, which we can perhaps still hear. Lastly we look at a Bellini Madonna in the Accademia Gallery. Then back on to the water, and we barcarolle our way to our hotel, for maybe a siesta – with the sun behind the shutters and the water lapping down below’.


If you are a wheelchair user or are visually or hearing impaired you can find information on the Your Visit page about the things we are doing to make the festival more accessible for you.

Small Change

Rob Greaves will retire in June this year after seven years as chairman and three as administrator. Pam Parish will take over as administrator in addition to her tireless work as Friends’ Secretary, and Jude Greaves will take the chair for one year only, to give us time to find a permanent replacement. Rob will continue to be involved behind the scenes as a consultant, so while these will be large changes for those concerned we hope that the transition will be seamless.

Get involved!

Two other trustees, Jane Stirling and Hazel Davis, are also retiring this year, so we are looking for three new trustees, one of whom will take over the chair in June next year. You would expect me to say that being a trustee, or even chairperson, is not a great deal of work, but that is, in fact, true. So if you’re interested in supporting the festival or have time to spare, email to find out more.